Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Faire Frou Frou

I have an obsession with lingerie...So its only fitting for me to blog about one of the best boutiques I've been in since relocating to L.A. As you enter the doors of Faire Frou Frou..the decor invites you in with vintage furniture and fixtures filled with beautiful bras, panties and nighties. Being a lingerie freak, I was impressed with the selections Alison the boutique owner has chosen. The pieces were unique, like works of art, but still very wearable and comfortable. I highly recommend checking this boutique out!..Our undergarments are the foundation to our outfit! ~Author: Felicia

Faire Frou Frou Owner Alison


  1. thank you for the lovely post about Faire Frou Frou! it was a pleasure meeting all of you, and it's an honor being selected for your blog.
    i look forward to seeing you again soon!
    xoxo alison

    p.s. - i will add your post to our permanent blog listing under the 'press' tab.

  2. Thank you for the lovely post about our store! The photos and story are great.
    xox Gail